B&D Metal Enterprise LTD.
Established in 1997, B&D Metal Enterprise LTD. with around 5300㎡ area,is a professional sheet metal products manufacturer that is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. About 250 kilometers from Shanghai. 
Around 20ys experience in this field made us be very professional on the electrical enclosures manufacturing which invloved in Telecommunications System,Electromechanical industry,The mining industry,Military industry,Maritime industry...etc.
We produce and sell all kinds of electrical control/junction boxes/enclosures/cabinets/Power Supply Rooms and the EX. proof enclosures etc. made by SPCC steel,stainless steel, aluminum sheet with painting as requests,some was OEM products required by our customers and some was our standard products. And also we produce and sell the precision sheet metal parts and assembly of electronic control products.